PowerCut™ 70-Series EXL

The Evolution of 3/8" Professional Saw Chain



Sharper reshaped cutter is optimized for maximum performance right out of the box

Less effort

Increased self feeding to reduce the amount of your effort in the cut


Efficiently transfers horsepower into the cut maximizing the saw’s power

Keep Your Edge

New Oregon PowerCut™ 70-Series EXL 3/8" chain is an upgrade on Oregon LPX or LGX, engineered to fully utilize the power of today's high-output 50-100cc professional saws.

Designed to require less force from the operator to get through the cut quickly, Oregon PowerCut™ 70-Series EXL makes the job feel like less work.

Increased cutting performance, less effort.



NEW Reshaped Full-Chisel cutters.

+ NEW Cleaner, Sharper, more durable cutting edge

+ NEW Multi-axis grind technology

+ NEW LubriTec™ oiling sytem. Less friction, longer life

+ NEW Optimised ramped depth gauge design.
            Bumperless, low kickback, low vibration.

+ NEW Easier maintenance features; Gold Loop
            Start/stop Indicator, enhanced filing indicators
            (side/top/end-of-life) and easier to file geometry.

+ NEW Dry-touch oiled from factory. Less mess.

+ NEW EXJ skip sequence available (special order)


Loop Size available


Oregon professional file part number 70502. 25º top plate.

Professional user tuning/filing; Depth gauge to top plate is optimised from factory at 0.025", no need to file down  ut-of-box. Apply a down angle approximately 10º when filing.

Oregon Recomended Bars

NEW VersaCut

Large radius nose. Versatile, durable, light.
15", 16", 17", 18", 20" 


NEW PowerCut

Replaceable sprocket nose bar. Tough, heavy duty use.
13", 15", 16", 17", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 36", 42"